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culture-industry is responsible for a loss on creativity. via the loopenrein netlabel/digital platform artists explore independent forms of distributing their aesthetic expressions.

you can listen, copy and burn all loopenrein-releases – as long as it is for non-comercial use. you can download and spread them – you are welcome to play it on net radios, net streams or use them for your dj-sets. but: please don't use our sounds, tracks or samples for any commercial purposes! respect creative commons license! is always interested in new artists and receiving demos.
you can send us audio-cdrs and mp3/ogg-links. add some contact data to your demo and please write a few words about the idea behind and your aesthetic aims. If we like what we hear and want to release it we will contact you.
loopenrein is open-minded: we are interested in a huge variety of sounds.


christoph göbel
auf der weide 15
35037 marburg / germany

c. welniak
pilatuspool 3
20355 hamburg / germany


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